Transportation Information

Roadway System
Harvard is served by two major state highways and one federal highway. U.S. Rt. 14 and State Rt. 173 intersect in the center of Harvard at the beginning of Ayer Street, Harvard's downtown. U.S. Rt. 14 and State Rt. 23 intersect on the south edge of Harvard. Interstate 90 is a short distance to the south, and Interstate 43 a short distance to the north.

Harvard is served by the Union Pacific Railroad, which connects with Amtrak in Chicago. Weekday service is available as early as 5:48 a.m., with the last train arriving from Chicago at 2:18 a.m. In excess of 200 passengers from the surrounding area, including Wisconsin, board the train daily at the Harvard Metra Station.

City of Harvard Metra Station Parking System


Dacy Airport
Over 100 acres of land facilitates 3 landing strips, hangars, a repair shop, tie down area, fueling area, and office complex. The longest airstrip is 3,700 feet long and runs east and west, accommodating larger aircraft up to light twin-engine planes. The shortest airstrip runs north and south and is 2,650 feet in length.


McHenry Co Dial-A-Ride (MCRide)

The City of Harvard has partnered dial-a-ride services with McHenry County and other communities within the county to participate in a coordinated service called MCRide. Under the MCRide Program, service levels in Harvard have expanded to provide greater mobility to Harvard  residents and provide transportation out of town within the MCRide service area.   

MCRride Dial-A-Ride is a curb-to-curb, demand-response public transit service service available to McHenry County residents traveling within and between partner communities.  Riders call the Pace Call Center 800-451-4599 to schedule a trip the day before they need a ride or up to seven days in advance for seniors and individuals with a disability.  The fare is based on a distance traveled:  the general public pays a base fare of $2.00 for the first five miles and $0.25 for each additional mile; and seniors and individuals with a disability pay a base fare of $1.00 for the first five miles and $0.25 for each additional mile; and seniors and individuals with a disability pay a base fareof $1.00 for the first five miles and $0.25 for each additional mile.  MCRide service hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  Detailed information on how to ride can be found in the brochure or rider's guide.

MCRide partner communities include:  City of Crystal Lake, City of Harvard, City of Marengo, City of McHenry, City of Woodstock, Village of Huntley, Village of Johnsburg, Village of Lakewood, Village of Ringwood, Dorr Township, Grafton Township, Greenwood Township, Marengo Township, Nunda Township and Riley Township.

To register and schedule a ride call:  800 451-4599

Questions about eligibility call:  815 334-4981


Senior Care Volunteer Network
Senior Care Volunteer Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and our mission is to help all area seniors maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life for as long as possible. Must be 60 and living at home or with a loved one. Transportation is provided by our dedicated team of screened volunteers. We provide rides to medical appointments as well as life-enriching destinations. We will also travel outside of the county for medical requests. This is a door-to-door and door-through-door service. There are no fees.

Senior Care Volunteer Network

360 Memorial Drive, Suite 140

Crystal Lake, IL  60014

Senior Services Transportation

The Senior Services Transportation Program is offered to senior citizens residing in McHenry County.  When other transportation options are not available, our volunteer program provides rides to and from doctor's offices, dialysis, shopping and other miscellaneous appointments.  Our door to door program matches those in need with carefully screened volunteers who are kind, courteous and willing to take seniors to those needed appointments.  There is no set fee; however, you are asked to make a donation according to your needs.

Senior Services Associates, Inc.

McHenry County Senior Services

3519 N. Richmond Rd.

McHenry, IL  60050


ADA Paratransit Service
Pace provides pre-arranged curb-to-curb service for persons with disabilities whose eligibility has been determined by the regional certification process. Pace's ADA Paratransit Services operate within 3/4 mile of Pace's fixed routes and during the same days and hours. Persons should call to schedule a ride one day in advance by calling 1-800-451-4599, (TTY) 1-888-454-4724.

Pace Route 808
The City of Harvard is served by Pace Route 808 operating during morning and evening rush hour. Route 808 provides bus service to Harvard Community Hospital, Memorial Hospital (Woodstock), McHenry County Senior Citizens Council, McHenry County College and Metra Stations in Harvard, Woodstock and Crystal Lake.

Schedule, Map and Fare

Pace Vanpool Program
Now your workday commute can save you money and time! Let Pace give you a van with gas to burn and then some. Vanpooling is an economical, convenient, and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving alone. As a Pace Vanpool driver, traveling to work will cost nothing. Plus drivers get to use the Pace van for personal trips. Riders can turn commuting time into quality time and enjoy doing anything but driving on the way to work.

Looking for more convenience and benefits? Consider starting a Metra Feeder vanpool. You can arrange to have a Pace van parked at a Metra Station to complete your trip to work. With a Pace van, you won't have to endure the bad weather as you walk from the train station to your place of work.

Whether you want to save gas money, wear and tear on your car, or avoid the hassles of driving, you'll have it all with a Pace vanpool. Applying is easy. Simply fill out the start-up forms. Start vanpooling today.
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