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Mary D Ayer Committee

  • Amy Beetstra, President
  • Sue Melson, Secretary
  • Brenda Gratz
  • Rita Hagenbruch
  • Barbara Weidner

City of Harvard
Mary D, Ayer Committee
P.O. Box 310
Harvard, IL 60033




The Mary D. Ayer Board of Harvard is a foundation that was formed April 23, 1889. The Mary D. Ayer Board has been charged with the duties of dispersing funds from an endowment left to the City by Mary D. Ayer to not-for-profit organizations that energetically improve life for the citizens of Harvard.


If you are interested in submitting an application for monetary assistance from the Mary D. Ayer Endowment Fund, please complete the application and return the completed application to Harvard City Hall, 201 W. Diggins St. Harvard.