City Officials Government

Municipal Government & Services

Certified City

Non-home rule municipality

City/Aldermanic Form of Government

City Council Meetings: Second and Fourth Tuesdays - Click here for City Council Meeting Minutes

City Council Committee Meetings: On an as needed basis

Planning & Zoning Commission Hearings: First Tuesday of every month

Mayor: Chief Administrative Officer of the City and the Liquor Commissioner

City Administrator: Directs the Day to Day Operations as well as Economic Development



City Council Committees

Finance & PersonnelAldermen Opper, Ulmer, MarzahlO'Halloran

Park BoardAldermen Adams, Kelly, Burlingame, O'Halloran

PublIc Property:  Aldermen Meza, Marzahl, Ulmer, Adams

Water, Sewer & Sanitation:  Aldermen Marzahl, Opper, O'Halloran, Kelly

Zoning, Planning & Ordinance:  Aldermen Ulmer, Opper, Burlingame, Meza

Streets & Alleys:  Aldermen  Adams, Meza, Burlingame, Kelly



Contact Information

The mailing address for the City Mayor and City Council is:
P.O. Box 310
Harvard, IL 60033

815 943-6468

815 943-4556 (fax)


Michael Kelly
(815) 943-6468
Mayor Michael Kelly


First Ward

Ron Burlingame

(815) 943-4761

Alderman Ron Burlingame



Third Ward

Bob O'Halloran
(815) 943-6087

Alderman Bob O'Halloran


City Administrator
David Nelson
(815) 943-6468
City Administrator Dave Nelson


First Ward

Chuck Marzahl

(815) 560-2112
Alderman Chuck Marzahl



Third Ward

Raul Meza
(815) 861-7097
Alderman Raul Meza

City Clerk
Andy Wells
(815) 943-6468
City Clerk Andy Wells


Second Ward

Phil Ulmer
(815) 943-6903
Alderman Phil Ulmer



Fourth Ward

Jeremy Adams
(847) 652-5273

Alderman Jeremy Adams

City Treasurer
Deb Szczap
(815) 943-6468
Treasurer Deb Szczap



Second Ward

Michael Kelly
(815) 943-7329

Alderman Michael Kelly



Fourth Ward

Carl Opper
(815) 943-6373

Alderman Carl Opper