Christie Murillo, Water Billing Clerk
815 943-6468




Water and sewer bills for all properties served by the City are issued to the property ower every two months and are prepared based on water meters installed at each property.  These meters record the amount of water used in units of 100 cubic feet (100 cubic feet of water equals approximately 750 gallons), and the meters are read by City employees every two months.  The radio transmitted readings are obtained every two months.  All other meters are only read every other billing cycle.  The reading from the water meter is also used to calculate the sewer bill for the property.  If you have any questions or would like arrange for direct payments from your checking account, contact the water biling clerk at (815) 943-6468 or at or download the authorization form here


The DPW provides maintenance and replacement services for all water meters.  Meter repairs and meter replacements will be performed by the City at no cost to the customer.  The building owner is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the plumbing pipe at the meter and also to provide working shut off valves at the meter.  Many of the older style of water meters require the reading to be taken inside of the home or building.  This can be an inconvenience to the property owner, or if no one is home, requires the customer to take their own meter reading and return it to the City.  The City offers, free of charge, replacement of those older style water meters.  A new meter will be installed that includes an outside reading device, which eliminates the need for the City employee to go inside of the building to take the reading.  Contact the DPW to take advantage of this free upgrade at (815) 943-0301 or e-mail at